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Wine Tours

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Wine Tours

Southern Arizona has the perfect climate and soil conditions for growing grapes. Why not take a tour to Sonita, Elgin & Wilcox and find out for yourself. Let us take care of everything, just sit back and enjoy the best Tucson has to offer. Home to the largest concentration of wineries in the state of Arizona, this region is recognized as one of the top ten wine trails in the country by USA Today.

Sonita is located at an altitude of 5,000 feet surrounded by the Santa Rita, Huachuca and Whetstone mountain ranges. Travel down the scenic roads and enter the rolling Sonoita grasslands, it's an inspirational getaway from the over crowded streets of the city. With an average rainfall of over 20 inches and summer temperatures in the mid 80’s, Sonoita is a perfect escape for those looking for a tranquil destination with some of the most breathtaking views, sunsets, and locally produced wine found nowhere else in the country. The area is a paradise for wine lovers, hikers, bikers, and bird watchers that enjoy a variety of outdoor activities while sipping award winning wines.

Award Winning Wines await your tastebuds

First Time Wine Tasting
Sonoita / Elgin
Wineries - Tasting, Tours

  1. Arizona Hops and Vines, Sonoita, AZ. (888) 569-1642
  2. Callaghan Vineyards, Sonoita, AZ. (520) 455-5322
  3. Canelo Hills, Sonoita, AZ. (520) 455-5499
  4. Charron Vineyards, Vail, AZ. (520) 762-8585
  5. Kief Joshua Vineyards, Sonoita, AZ. (520) 455-5582
  6. Lightning Ridge Cellers, Elgin, AZ. (520) 455-5383
  7. Sonoita Vineyards , Sonoita, AZ. (520) 455-5893
  8. Willhelm Family Vineyards, Elgin, AZ. (520) 455-9291

Let us help assist you in the planning of your perfect wine tasting getaway, or serve as a staging point to explore all the wonders that southern Arizona has to offer. Call Us Today to book a Tour. Toll Free (866) 424-0211

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