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VIP TRANSPORTATION: Why you should choose Premier Transportation?

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VIP TRANSPORTATION: Why you should choose Premier Transportation?

Premier Transportation does more than just provide transportation services. We provide the highest level of unsurpassed reliability, comfort and safety you can count on. Our professional staff will customize your itinerary to meet your every need. We are highly trained and detailed oriented. We have a dedicated staff member that handles only VIP accounts to ensure top notch service that our clients expect and deserve. Custom profiles are created for accurate information. We will coordinate with you 24 hours prior to arrival and the day of the event to go over the final arrangements.

Premier Transportation is the most trusted company to provide ground transportation for executives and business owners across the United States including; Large corporations in Tucson. Premier has routinely transported "A-List" celebrities, Former Foreign Presidents, Government Officials, Dignitaries and Royalty. We are known in the industry for our impeccable record of servicing these high level clients and their events.

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