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Tips for Hiring a Luxury Car Service in Tucson AZ

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Tips for Hiring a Luxury Car Service in Tucson AZ

Hiring a luxury chauffeur driver in Tucson can seem challenging, especially if it’s your first time. There are so many car companies in Tucson City to choose from, it can be hard to find the one that’s right for you, especially if you’re in a pinch and need a company right away. Luckily, there are a few easy things to remember while searching for any car or chauffeur services in Tucson that will help you ensure you get a ride that’s at least smooth and safe. Whether you are new to the area and stuck at the airport looking for a way to get to your destination, or you’re a local who is looking for a professional chauffeuring service for a special event or from the airport to your destination, this article will help you find a driver that meets your needs.


Choose an experienced, reputable company with numerous references. A company should be able to demonstrate that they have successfully operated for many years and have a solid reputation for quality and safety, proper and valid licensing, and up-to-date insurance. Visit to view a business profile and to search for an Accredited Business. You can read and consider what Premier Transportation has to report about the company which could include the rating and consumer reviews.


Chauffeuring is a professional service, so you should expect professionalism in every sense of the word. If your chauffeur isn’t professional, well dressed, or well groomed, that should tell you right away you probably aren’t going to get the type of service you’re expecting. While the whole “don’t judge a book by its cover” approach is a good perspective to have on life, it’s not really how you want to handle hiring a luxury car service driver.

Make sure the company has insurance and is licensed:

This is very important especially if you are unversed with the regulations of the area you or your employees intend to travel to. If the chauffeur driven car you hire is stopped by the traffic police and it is determined that the vehicle and the driver are non-compliant with the regulations in the area, the vehicles will be impounded, leaving you stressed and anxious, and even exposed to many potential risks.

Operators should be eager to provide proof of valid, appropriate current insurance coverage for their fleet. Beware that some luxury car service providers may ensure their vehicles under a personal auto policy, if at all. Personal auto insurance policies rarely cover clients who hire the vehicle.

Be sure the car company you are hiring is able to take you safely and securely exactly where you want to go.

Check for Safety

Chauffeurs make the travel process comfortable and calm – you can rely on them to drive smoothly and safely, to know the area and your destination, and to plan sufficient time to get you there traffic or no traffic. With enhanced satellite navigation, climate control, leather seats and plenty of leg room – you can relax and enjoy the ride or get some time to go through your workload before you arrive.

At Premier Transportation your chauffeur will pick you up from your event or from the airport, you can ensure he will be there waiting for you before you step outside. If you are late or your flight is late, your chauffeur will patiently wait and ensure he safely collects you.

Check Reviews and Ratings:

The reviews and ratings tell the success story of any company, public reviews give you a clear view about the quality of services companies provide.

Premier Transportation has long provided a high-quality luxury chauffeur driven car service to our customers in and around Tucson. Our immaculate fleet of Mercedes-Benz cars is perfect for any business trip involving airport transfers, corporate business travel, private holiday transfers, long distance vehicle hire, tours of Tucson and all national events.

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