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A-List Celebrity Transportation

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A-List Celebrity Transportation

Providing Custom Private Transportation Experiences

We understand celebrities travel frequently and expect the best service possible for their unique, specific needs like utmost privacy, security, and especially logistical planning. Premier Celebrity services include a private driver(s) who advance a particular location so we are familiar with routes, traffic patterns, road closures – wait for NOTHING.

Our team also search local markets or fly in any of your creature comforts of home (particular bottled water, snacks, etc) – want for NOTHING.

Rooms are set up to your liking prior to arrival and no need to deal with the hotel staff, your Executive Chauffeur is your personal assistant – ask for NOTHING – it has already been handled.

Every, restaurant reservation, private cabana rental, clearance for private jets/transportation is taken care of.

Every chef and sommelier, server and bartender are vetted and we communicate with them prior to your arrival so every experience is perfect.

Premier has a strong track record of working with celebrities, foreign-dignitaries/Presidents, CEO's, high net-worth individuals and other VIP's.

With a team like this, the biggest asset is exclusivity. Celebrities enjoy a lot of special treatments, especially when there is a team behind them. There is no reason anyone with a little extra income cannot travel like the stars.

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